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BE Fit Modern Pilates

Here at BeFit Modern Pilates, we use an XFormer® machine to effectively work every muscle of the body during our workouts. Although it is similar in idea to other types of Pilates reformers, there are some key differences about our XFormer® machines that help our clients build strength, stability, and flexibility efficiently while using our machines.

Below is a detailed overview of the XFormer® machines we use in our studio.

Meet the XFormer®

Front and Back Platform: There are the front and back platforms, which are completely stationary. These are the points that you will step on and off of the machine.

The Carriage: The carriage is the mobile part of the machine. It slides back and forth from the front to the back of the machine. On the carriage, you will find the first and white lines which are reference points.

Springs: Between the front platform and the carriage, you will find springs that add resistance to the carriage. There are different colored springs with varying resistances– white is the lightest, grey is medium resistance, and then the black springs are our heaviest. Your instructor will cue spring changes throughout the class.

The Well: The well is the space between the carriage and the back platform. Inside this space, you will find a foot strap, which you can slide to adjust to different positions.

Handle Bars or “Dog Ears”: There are two handles off of the front and back platforms. These are mobile by lifting them up and can be turned to different positions for various exercises.

Black Straps: Tucked on the sides of the carriage, there are black straps that have both a hard handle and a soft foot strap. These are often used for arm or abdominal exercises.

Blue Straps: Hanging on the back handlebars, there is a set of blue straps with hard handles. These are often used for arm and leg exercises.

Bungee: There is a black bungee cord attached to the front of the machine. This bungee has a soft strap attached which is oftentimes placed over the foot for leg exercises.

Balance Pole: There is a balance stick next to or inserted on the side of each machine. This can be used for added stability during exercises.

Carriage and Platform Straps:  There is a platform strap on both the front and back platform and there are two carriage straps on the carriage. These are used for leverage.


Our XFORMER machines are custom made for our studios to be effective, yet user-friendly. If you have a question regarding our XFORMERs please contact us or approach your instructor. We hope you love these machines as much as we do!


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